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Telwater Trailers

If you think Telwater's boats are durable and tough, then you should see our trailers! Choose from a wide range of aluminium trailers which are specially fitted to each boat at the Telwater factory. Choosing a Telwater trailer saves time and takes out the guess work with each trailer built specifically to fit each boat.

The Telwater factory makes on average 20 trailers per day and all trailers are backed by a limited three year warranty, if purchased as a Telwater Boat/Trailer combination it is eligible for an additional bonus 2 year warranty*. All our trailers are designed to suit your pride and joy and are adjusted to cradle the hull to minimise any damaging impact when travelling. All telwater trailers are fitted with weather resistant submersible LED lighting as standard ensuring longer lasting electronics.

Telwater Trailers

Aluminium Trailers

Telwater's all aluminium trailer range suits boats in the 3.5m all the way up to 7.6 metres. Telwater aluminium trailers are all built onsite in the Telwater Factory on the Gold Coast, the alloy frames are formed utilising a 5mm thick aluminium I-beam material and rolled alloy crossmembers, this in turn gives the trailer superior durability, longevity, and in some cases can be lighter than conventional trailers.

We recently released the all new Light 749kg Alloy Series. This trailer was again designed specifically for telwater product and our goal was to produce a premium product that was lighter than our competitors yet more durable, be price competitive, aesthetically pleasing to look at and move away from a steel trailer to now an all Aluminum trailer range. This was no small task however we accepted the challenge. We succeeded in meeting all of the criteria and introduced the lightest in class trailer. Why is this so important? This allows for a wider variance of boat options to be added to the boat without going over the critical 749kg ATM unbraked limit. Due to dealer feedback we moved to a lower crossmember setup which in turn allows us to have a low riding boat setup on the trailer, this aids in launching and retrieving the boat. Not only do these trailers look the part, their durability & longevity was thoroughly proven on the weeklong Torture Test at AARC automotive proving grounds VIC.

Telwater's Trailer range has now expanded out to 41 different trailer models to complete the ultimate package for your Quintrex, Stacer, Savage, Yellowfin and now Seadoo watercraft!