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Telwater Exports to Russia

Arkadiy Ponomareva sent his sales team to the Brisbane Boat Show last year in search of a boat brand they could distribute and or manufacture in Russia.

They showed a strong interest in the Quintrex brand as there is an existence of many Quintrex's Freedom Sports in the country.

Telwater was interested, but felt more information and research was required.

General Manager, Tim Atkins met with Ponomareva and his Sales Team at the Moscow International Boat Show in February this year to discuss business further.

The feed back for the sales team was Quintrex was one of the few brands willing to consider the Russian potential.

Many other boating manufacturers felt it was just too difficult to deal with Russia, the language barrier did not help.

Telwater signed a joint venture with Ponomareva in mid August of this year and have now expanded to Voronezh, Russia manufacturing Quintrex boats.

Quintrex Russia is revolutionary as they have designed a modern boat to suit the Russian market.

The aluminium boats previously built in Russia were built by the USSR government and were unchanged for decades.

Quintrex Australia does a Complete Knock Down (CKD) of the boats so the parts can be freighted to Russia and welded there. This way Quintrex can ship 100 boats at a time.

Telwater was shipping complete boats to Russia, but the freight costs were expensive for the amount of boats they could fit on to the containers.

One of the reasons Telwater decided to do a joint venture with Ponomareva is that he has a wealth of experience in Russian business and existing factories and resources in Russia.

Our boats are now being shipped to Ponomareva's milk processing factory in Voronezh, just south of Moscow, where they will be assembled in a once vacant factory.

Ponomareva has a passion for fishing and boating, and his businesses include;

  • Exclusive fishing brands
  • Fishing and tackle shops
  • Dealership networks- boats, motors
  • Suzuki engine franchise