Telwater Allies with BRP

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Telwater Allies with BRP

Telwater, Australia's largest aluminium boat manufacturer has expanded its offering of boat, motor, trailer packages by partnering with Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP).

The agreement, which is effective immediately, allows for the fitting of Evinrude engines directly at the Telwater factory.

"We are excited about this new collaboration and look forward to a bright future with BRP" says Telwater General Manager, Tim Atkins.

"We are capable of fitting engines immediately, which is perfect timing ready for the summer season"

Telwater-Evinrude packages will be available for dealers to order online from the 19th of September and should start to arrive in dealerships around October.

This agreement will not conflict with any other packaging agreement currently in place, or other engine brands offered by Telwater dealers.

"Our partnership with BRP will create greater choice for customers and expand our product offering to our dealer network" says Atkins

Dealerships are set to benefit from this announcement. Fitting engines directly at the factory reduces installation time at the dealership and allows dealers to focus on their core business of servicing customers.

Telwater-Evinrude packages will be available to all existing Telwater-BRP dealers and opportunities exist for more appointments in the future.

"We have been watching BRP and the technological advances they have made over the past couple of years" says Atkins.

Atkins summed up the announcement by saying "Evinrude have built a strong reputation for reliability, efficiency and innovation and we are proud to be allied with such a high quality product"