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Quintrex's Partnership in Russia Continues

After venturing into the Russian marine market in 2008, Quintrex has expanded the range with the growing success and popularity of the brand.

The success of previously launched models including the 455, 475 Coast Runners, 310, 390 Darts and the 420, 480 Top Enders has led to the expansion of the current range with Quintrex introducing the 510 Cruiseabout and the renowned Blade Hull.

The Quintrex Russia factory currently runs with 10 staff under Salesman Andre and Manager Kostya and has a range consisting of 10 models.

Export Supervisor Sam Phelan visited Russia twice in the last 6 months to help implement the new 510 Cruiseabout model and promote the benefits of the Blade hull.

The factory has advanced significantly since the partnership with Quintrex began with new techniques and designs implemented regularly since inception.

Sam said the Quintrex Russia factory was running almost self-sufficiently, with Quintrex only supplying proprietary parts and building and business knowledge.

With sharing boat building advances and design techniques, the Quintrex Russia Factory is supplied models in pieces letting them be easily shipped and re-constructed on arrival, cutting down costly shipping fees and quantity limitations.

‘They are currently working on production schedule of 400 boats for this year which makes Russia one of our major export destinations,’ Sam said.

‘Boat building in Russia has advanced in the last couple of years so it’s important that we keep introducing new models and features to stay in tune with what the local market wants,’ Sam said.

‘The Blade Hull was only released in December in Russia and we are already seeing majority of the new orders include it. We were surprised at how quick the customers have taken to the change as the new Cruiseabout and Blade Hull models made their first real debut at the Moscow Boat Show earlier in the year,’ Sam said.

‘With over 90,000 outboards sold in Russia last year it shows there is a lot of opportunity in the market and room for growth,’ Sam said.

With an extensive dealer network of 42 dealers across Russia, the factory is customising models specifically to suit the Russian market with all 10 models matched to the Russian style and conditions.

‘Runabouts similar to what you see here are very popular in the Russian market like the Coast Runners,’ Sam said.

Quintrex Russia is set to double sales from 2013 and with planned on water days and media events the expansion of the brand in Russia is promising.

Quintrex boats and trailers are also exported to Kuwait, Switzerland, New Zealand, Noumea, Kenya Tahiti, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Sweden, Philippines, New Caledonia, Fiji, and Greece.